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    Subsonic Skateboards Quick Guide / Policies & Terms


    Suggested boards for:
    Pumping - Pulse, Century, Spirit, Illuminati, La Maquina
    Pushing - Century, GT 40, Illuminati, La Maquina,
    Downhill - Vega, Shadow, Borealis, Spirit
    Cruising - Ruse, Pulse, Century
    Freeriding - Vega, Shadow, GT 40

    All Purpose - Shadow, Ruse


    Flex Graph for Production Boards
    Looking to choose the right flex for your weight and riding style? 
    Our Flex Graph shows what flex to expect at any given rider weight for every deck in our production line-up.

    (Note: The Flex Graph is for production boards, not custom boards. For custom boards, you choose the flex you want and
    we build the board specifically for your weight and riding style)

    Subsonic Skateboards Flex Graph for Production Decks

    Good To Know:
    • All Subsonic longboards are clear coated 3 times in the finishing process (6 coats on the rails).  This makes them water resistant and very durable, but they are not water-proof (so don’t think you can use them for paddle boarding!)

    • No two longboards will be exactly the same.  It’s the nature of handcrafted boards that there will be slight differences, though rarely will that be noticeable.

    Check out our FAQs to learn more